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Tuition & Fees

Registration, Tuition & Fees for 2024-2025

A non-refundable registration fee of $950 is required to secure your son’s spot for the fall. This fee may be paid in a single payment at the time of registration or you may opt to pay $550 at the time of registration and the balance of $400 will be billed monthly over four months from August 2024 through November 2024.

After you create your FACTS account, you will be asked to select a payment plan. Available payment plans include:
      Tuition and fees for the school year are paid in a single payment. This can be set up through the FACTS portal by choosing the annual payment option on your tuition contract. An annual payment can be made from the time of registration through August 2, 2024.
      Tuition for the school year is divided into two (2) payments. A Semi-Annual payment plan can be set up through FACTS by choosing the semi-annual option on your Tuition Contract. Your first tuition payment will be due no later than July 1, 2024, and the second semi-annual payment no later than December 1, 2024.
      Tuition for the school year is divided into ten (10) monthly payments. A payment plan can be set up through FACTS by choosing the automatic payment option in your Contract. Ten monthly installments beginning July 12, 2024, through April 12, 2025, or August 1, 2024, through May 1, 2025.
      Eleven monthly installments beginning July 1, 2024 through May 1, 2024 OR July 12, 2024 through May 12, 2025.

Once you have completed your FACTS Tuition Payment Plan, please make a note of your payment schedule.  As a courtesy, FACTS will send you a payment reminder notice four days before the scheduled payment date.
Please make sure that sufficient funds are available; otherwise you will be charged a returned payment fee.  For any questions or assistance, please contact Jocelle Reyes at ext. 243 or Kelvin Woods at ext. 282.

The following fees, if applicable, will be charged to your FACTS account:
    • Athletic Participation Fee:  Amounts vary
      Athletic fee varies per sports. Each sport may charge additional fees & may have fundraising requirements. 
    • Athletic Processing Fee:  $150
      Participation in athletics includes a $150 fee to be paid at the time of athletic clearance and the submission of a documented medical examination (“physical”). This annual requirement funds administrative costs associated with athletic clearance and covers participation in multiple seasons of athletics in a year (fee paid once per year). The athletic processing fee is separate from participation fees for individual sports, which are determined by the athletic department (ranging from $200-$5,000).
    • Technology Fee:  $250
    • Family Fundraising Obligation:  $500
      The increasing cost of operating and maintaining Damien High School’s programs and facilities exceeds what the school charges in tuition and receives from other fundraising activities. To help close this financial gap, all Damien families are expected to fulfill a Family Fundraising Obligation by making a contribution of $500 or more annually. These financial contributions strengthen our school community, support the many educational and extracurricular opportunities for students, and help keep tuition affordable. See FAMILY OBLIGATION for a full explanation of Family Fundraising Obligation.
    • Co-Curricular Fee:  $100
      Participation in co-curricular activities includes an annual $100 fee to fund staffing, administrative, and operating costs associated with team/cohort-based co-curricular programs, including but not limited to, Spartan Regiment, International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme, Sports Medicine Club, Debate, Robotics, Drama, Bowling Club. A $100 fee will be charged for each program in which students participate. Note: program participation may include additional costs beyond the $100 fee for items such as competition registration, equipment, travel expenses, and educational materials, which are determined by program directors/moderators.
    • FACTS, GRANT & AID Assessment Application Fee:  $40
      The FACTS processing fee is only required when applying for a Spartan Grant.
    • FACTS Tuition Management Fees:  $20-$50 annually 
      $20 annual fee for families who pay tuition in full in one or two payments. $50 annual fee for families who pay in three or more payments.
    • Family Service Hours:  $35 for each hour not volunteered
      30 hours required per family per school year. See FAMILY OBLIGATION for a full explanation of Family Service Hours.
The following purchases will NOT be charged to your FACTS account:
    • Books, Supplies and Course Fees:  $250-$1,000
      Book purchased (both text and digital editions) are made online. Used textbooks are available and the sale date will be announced.
    • Chromebook:  $100-$600
      Damien students are required to purchase a Chromebook computer for the 2024-2025 school year. For suggested Chromebook models, FAQ, and parent resources, please click here.
    • Replacement School ID card:  $5
      Photos are taken during the first week of school for mandatory student ID cards. Replacement cards are $5 each.
    • School Uniforms & Apparel:  Prices vary
      Approved apparel may be purchased new through Dennis Uniform or through our Spartan Spirit Store. Damien’s school code for Dennis Uniform is AN00DH. Gently worn uniforms may be purchased through an on-campus uniform sale arranged by St. Monica’s Guild. 
    • Sibling Discount (brother attending Damien):  $1,000
    • Sister School Discount (sister attending Pomona Catholic or St. Lucy’s):  $500
Discounts are prorated over 10 months.
Accounts must be in good standing before a student can sit for final exams.

We are committed to working with you to clarify the financial aid process and explain payment options. Our financial aid committee strives to help as many families as possible. Please note and adhere to our application deadlines to maximize your consideration for aid.
All financial aid is need-based. Students receiving financial aid must maintain an acceptable academic and conduct record. Aid is renewed annually and is provided through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) and/or Damien’s Spartan Grant Program. Applications for both programs open in November prior to the new school year. In order to receive the maximum amount of aid, families are encouraged to apply for both CEF and Damien’s Spartan Grant.
For questions related to financial aid, please visit the Damien Financial Aid webpage or email Kelvin Woods at [email protected].